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A fulfilling, balanced life is possible, despite what your calendar says...

You are doing your very best. But when the kids are hungry, the house is a mess and you haven't completed ONE thing on your to-do list, raising a family may not be the dream you envisioned. That's why I started Peninsula Family Coaching. To empower parents with the tools and self-awareness to enjoy a rich life, balanced and nurturing. 

I am Lory Levitt and I am a family coach.

Before starting Peninsula Family coaching, I earned a Masters in Social Work and spent over a decade working with parents and children in the public school system. I have been a social worker, and also a college professor, a teacher, an actress, a school board member, and a patient. I am a mother, a wife, and an active community volunteer. I am a fighter, in all the best ways.

When did STRESS become a family value?

Life moves fast. Children grow up even faster. We scramble from one thing to the next. We decide to stop and rest, but then we feel guilty. We are always busy but sadly inefficient. We look around and wonder what happened to our time, our spirit, and our lives. And answering a simple question like "are you happy?" gets really complicated.

How does family coaching work?

Coaching is client-focused, therapeutic, strengths-based and action-oriented. Services are personal and comprehensive, as you are guided through the process of reflection, education, problem-solving, skill-building and eventual change.

Remember - you get to decide. You get to decide the person you want to be. And you get to decide what kind of life you lead. Find your best self, revealing a more confident, happy and empowered you.


What next?

We'll start with a free mini session which serves as our opportunity to see if we work well together. It is your chance to ask me anything about my services, my expectations and my approach. We will discuss your goals, the obstacles before you and how I can help you be the best version of you that you can imagine.  You are worth the effort!


I believe in making the days count. I believe in an organized mind and an organized home. I am action-oriented, observant, and a thoughtful listener. I am fully aware of the real struggles to maintain control, stay grounded, successfully meet the needs of myself and my family, and feel inspired enough to do it all over again the next day. I know these struggles because I live them too. And I firmly believe that if I can accomplish rewarding parenting and living, you can, too.


While I call the San Francisco Bay Area home, I work with parents and families from everywhere - on their terms, via video conferencing or telephone. During neighborhood walks or laundry-folding talks. I will meet you where you are - emotionally and physically - so that we can get to work on the important stuff...together.   


Relieve stress. Reach your goals. Change your life.

Discover the power of coaching - schedule a Mini Session